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(1) Potassium silicate resin

As a jointing mortar for floors, drains, foundations, tanks, and other surfaces, potassium silicate mortar is mostly used for acid-resistant bricks and tiles.

Additionally, it is utilised as bedding mortar in a variety of locations, including reaction vessels, floors, tank areas, towers, chimneys, effluent treatment tanks, and other locations in many industries, including petrochemicals, rayon, fertiliser, dyestuff, metal finishing, and steel.


(2) Sodium silicate resin



Cashew nut shell liquid( CNSL) is produced as a by- product of the cashew industry. It's one source of naturally occurring phenol and can take part in a number of reactions.

CNSL is a viscous, amber-colored oil that has been extracted from the pericarp of cashew shells using a variety of techniques.

The CNSL Resin is a thick, translucent resin that has a covering of a golden colour. It is perfect for surface coating applications where excellent film properties and high water and chemical resistance are required.


For refractories works, we provide phenolic resins that have a greater fixed carbon rate than conventional synthetic resins.


The term "furan resin" refers to any polymer that uses furfural as one of its base raw ingredients. Furan rings are present in all furan resin macromolecules.

Furan resin mortar is acid resistant and is used for acid resistant bricks, tiles, and mandana stones, as well as for acid resistance tank flooring, pipe jointing material for bedding lining, and jointing of tiles and bricks, in industries requiring the highest levels of chemical resistance, including dyestuff, petrochemicals, food, rayon, steel, pharmaceuticals, fertiliser, and power plants.


We are leading supplier of epoxy resins in liquid, solid, solutions, blends, and multifunctional forms. These high-quality epoxies are used extensively in the automotive, building, heavy engineering, transport, electronics, food and beverage packaging, coatings, composites, adhesives, aviation, aerospace, and wind energy industries.