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Carbon Bricks

In corrosive conditions with acid/alkali attack and high temperature vessels, carbon bricks are employed as linings.

The majority of chemical attacks, high temperatures or abrupt temperature changes, and thermal shock related to such conditions are all resistant to carbon bricks.

For situations with hydrofluoric acid, hydrofluorosilicic acid, its salts, and caustic substances, carbon bricks and tiles are advised.

The qualities of carbon brick have proven to be exceptional in a variety of chemical industry applications, including the lining of baths, the lining of chambers and towers in chemical plants, the lining of reaction vessels and boilers, as well as the construction of corrosion-resistant masonry and floor coverings.

The latest production methods are used to produce carbon bricks, tiles, forms, and sleeves that adhere to DIN, ASTMC 1160, or IS specifications.

Carbon bricks and tiles typically measure 230 mm by 115 mm and come in thicknesses of 12, 25, 40, 65, and 75 mm.