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wide range of superior quality Acid prof floor tiles in suitable for high standardinterior as well as exterior constructions work in Companies. We offer a wide range of Services as per our client specification & requirement.

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Brick lining / Acid proof tile

We offer this protection by furnishing a sophisticated system of acid- proof brick linings which is always adapted to the factory-specific stresses and exposure.

Mastic lining

Acid Proof Bitumen Mastic used in Chemical Plant, Fertilizer plant, Steel Plant and many other plant to protet surface from corrrosion.

Carbon brick lining

Carbon Bricks are applied as linings in high temperature vessels and corrosive surroundings with acid/ alkali attack.

Coaltar lining

For less stringent applications, where high temperature and solvents are not encountered, a lower cost coating is often preferred. Coal tar epoxy coatings fulfil this need.


Mandaana stone lining

Red Mandana stone flooring is normally apply on chemicals processing floors, where it's bedded & jointed with acid proof cements.

Epoxy screeding

Epoxy screeding provides excellent strength and adhesion to ensure a long lasting, high quality surface.

G.R.E. Lining

Glass-reinforced Epoxy (GRE) lining, is a fiberglass lining, is installed to provide a corrosion barrier to protect the steel tubing from internal corrosion.

F.R.P. Lining

Fiber reinforcement plastic (FRP) is a resin lining used to raise the durability and safety by introducing a lining inside of concrete tanks, walls, ceilings, wood, concrete block, and many other solid surfaces. FRP prevents them from structural cracks which generally occurs due to the chemical attacks.